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One thing though, she did make an awful cup of tea! If not you’ve probably heard or read some sort of opinion on her musical style.

“Every review I got for ‘Kiss My Arp‘ the word dark was mentioned” Andrea states, “so I did them all a favour and called it ‘The Dark Ages'”.

I went along to Shoreditch to interview Andrea in her studio flat on Kingsland Road somewhere near Herbal.

She was in the process of planning a move, but took time out to chat for a good 90 minutes.

We’re talking about Andrea’s new record out on the Belgium label ‘Quartermass’. “I was in a very unfortunate position with the merger that was going on at Mo Wax. It wasn’t Mo Wax’s fault it was just a very unfortunate situation.

While the former focuses on boundary-nudging dancefloor music, Aperture enjoys a far wider repertoire, releasing the wonderfully fractured collection of noise experiments, , by T.e.s.o recently for example.

During Tuesday’s finale, #Twin On PLL was trending on social media, as Parker’s storyline was revealed.

Parker’s promotion clues in “Liars” fans on one sure thing: Mary Drake is not going anywhere next season.

With an EP by Berlin based Dead Fader out on Touchin’ Bass a number of months ago and an upcoming performance from Parker due at this year’s Bloc festival, we decided to catch up with the Kent born artist to discuss her two labels, meeting the Director of the Daphne Oram Collection and watching Mark Bell cycle into a lake… You’re playing at this year’s Bloc festival - have you been to previous editions?

Anyone in particular you are looking forward to seeing play? I’m a bit battered after drinking my own body weight in booze over Christmas and New Year, but apart from that all good.

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