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To make the most out of your search for a Hawaiian retirement community, Senior Living has created a comprehensive, unbiased web database of all 115 of the state’s assisted living options.

You’ll get unadorned reviews from community residents about their experiences.

KONA, Hawaii — Take a ride in Ron Baird’s pickup truck along the volcanic shore of Hawaii’s Big Island and he’ll show you an inventor’s wonderland.

On one parcel of this government-created energy laboratory, rows of mirrors shine white-hot in the sun, turning heat into energy.

The average price of a house in 2008 according to was 5,487; Townhouses: 8,329, It also has one of the highest median household incomes at ,098.

And Hawaii has the highest overall cost of living in the country at 64% above the national average.

On another, brown water tanks harbor strands of algae that will be made into fuel.

Nearby is a wind turbine whose blades spin parallel to the ground.

Travel to one of the world's most spectacular islands for your personal retreat experience.

Indulge in wellness treatments, enlightening classes, and delicious meals as part of your all-inclusive Kalani Experience package.

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